Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls is out this week on the Nintendo 3DS, and producer, Kenichiro Takaki, has written a new blog post revealing that several portions of the game will only be playable in 2D. Which parts of the game are 3D and which are 2D-only is detailed below:


Opening anime movie: 2D-only

Title screen: 3D


Ninja Room: 2D-only

Dressing room: 2D-only.

Takaki says that the team tried to get this area to work in 3D up until the very last minute, but that the quality suffered, so they decided to stick with 2D. The reason behind this decision has something to do with the quality of the characters when viewed up close.


Adventure portions (story segments): 3D

Novel portions (the story is told through just text): 2D-only

Scenes that take place prior to missions: 3D

Boss appearance screens: 3D

Action portions: 2D-only

Takaki says that the team chose to focus on the number of enemies and hit effects during the game’s action sequences. Unfortunately, it sounds like framerate issues led to these segments being 2D-only.


Costume destruction portions: 3D (obviously)


Victory poses and “Time up” screens: 3D

Results screen: 2D-only

Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls is slated for release this week on September 22nd.


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