Sgt. Frog Has Its Own Smartphone Action Game In Korea



Japanese animation Keroro Gunso, or Sgt. Frog in the West, has a smartphone game in Korea. Starring the frog-like alien Keroro and his platoon of other frog troops, they’re all that’s left to defend against an invasion of odd creatures in Keroro Action Hero.



Keroro Action Hero is a 3D action arena game. Players chose their main character such as Keroro himself, piloting a tank to take down spawning foes and grab their cash. You can also bring along an ally to fight the good fight, maneuvering around the map and picking up weapon and other sorts of powerups to quickly defeat foes.


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You’ll be using twin sticks to both move Keroro as well as control in which direction he’s firing his lazer beams at. Completing maps nets you gold which go towards upgrading weapons or buying new ones. For a Korean dubbed game, the voices are pretty close to the Japanese versions too.


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Sgt. Frog was a Japanese manga and anime comedy series that poked fun and parodied other titles. Its main character, Keroro, and his squad of alien frogs arrive on Earth to attempt to take over it. And then promptly fail to do just that. Keroro ends up with a completely healthy obsession with Gundam Gunpla figures, while the rest of his platoon pair off with humans in order to survive.


Keroro Action Hero is out now on iOS and Android. You’ll need Kakao, a messenger program similar to WhatsApp or Line, to log in as well.