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SH Figuarts Zero Extra Battle Luffy Gear 5 Giant Figure Announced

Bandai’s Tamashii Nations announced there will be a One Piece SH Figuarts Zero Extra Battle figure of Luffy in his Gear 5 form. These are large, static figures designed to capture movement and activity. Both the English Twitter account and official site note October 2, 2023 pre-order dates for it. It has a March 2024 release window.

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Here’s the official announcement. In it, Tamashii Nations noted more details will arrive in the future. However, we know past One Piece SH Figuarts Zero Extra Battle figures would tend to be between 170-180mm, so the Gear 5 Luffy one could be about that size or larger.

We also know it is one of multiple Gear 5 Luffy ones on the way. For example, the MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates line of figures will include one in its collection. That will be a ¥22,000 (~$152) statue that stands at about 230mm tall. It is also arriving in 2024, though it will show up in May 2024.

We saw this form of Luffy show up first in chapter 1,044 of the manga. It then appeared for a moment in One Piece Film: Red, before being revealed in the anime adaptation proper in episode 1,071.

The One Piece Gear 5 Luffy SH Figuarts Zero Extra Battle figure will appear in March 2024, with pre-orders opening on October 2, 2023. The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll, and the manga is available via Viz Media. The next figures based on the series to appear will be SH Figuarts ones based on the live-action versions of Luffy and Zoro.

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