Shadow Of The Mask – An Adventure Where Superheroes Are Outlawed & Villains Rule

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Alanis, a cop tasked with watching outlawed superheroes in a future where the supervillains have all founded legal corporations, committing their evil within the law’s protections, will find some alarming connections while investigating a murder in adventure game Shadow of the Mask.


With superheroes having fallen from grace, Emerald City has created a Department of Superheroic Crime, tasking officers like Alanis with keeping them out of trouble. Alanis, who grew up during the Golden Age of Superheroes, has some fond memories of who these heroes used to be, but still does her job of keeping an eye on them. However, in this world where superpowers are punished based on laws created by bureaucratic supervillains, a murder occurs that may upset their position of power, should Alanis follow the leads with the help of the player.

Players will explore the filthy streets and broken down homes of heroes in this animated, stylized adventure. To move the case along as they wander, players will need to examine aspects of the environment for clues, find items that will help them interact with people, solve logic puzzles, and talk with the various characters they meet.

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Shadow of the Mask is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, with a demo available from the page as well.

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