After announcing that it will be returning to Kickstarter in January 2015 to crowdfund more Shadowrun content, Harebrained Schemes has now revealed that the new setting for this content will be a futuristic Hong Kong.


Unfortunately, the studio has not yet detailed what format this new content will take. What seems most likely is that it’s a new campaign for 2013’s reboot of the tactical sci-fi RPG.


However, it’s quite possible that it’s an entirely new sequel of sorts. But it’s more likely another campaign, which may be released as a standalone game, just as the Dragonfall campaign got its own director’s cut standalone in September 2014.


In any case, whatever Shadowrun Hong Kong is, Harebrained Schemes will be asking for crowdfunding support this month to make it happen. It’s worth noting that Shadowrun Returns was originally Kickstarted back in 2012, smashing its $400,000 funding goal by raising $1,836, 447 in total.

Chris Priestman

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