Shadows Of Adam Brings Character-Driven Story & SNES-Era JRPG Visuals



Shadows Of Adam is a 90’s inspired JRPG that focuses on the interactions between its characters, telling players a story of orphaned children facing the terrible secrets their father left behind.




Players will control Asrael, Kellan, Curtis and Talon, carrying them through the game’s turn-based combat and following them as they strive to deal with the dangerous secrets that have begun to endanger their town and friends. These secrets can all be traced back to a missing father and legendary hero, and will carry awful consequences once revealed.


Players will have to survive the game’s turn-based combat to learn more about these mysteries, and Shadows of Adam offers some special features to keep combat interesting. Its turn-based battles use an AP system for its special abilities, and each character’s AP is restored each automatically at the end of each round, or by defeating enemies. Through careful planning, players can mow through their enemies using their best attacks, but those who don’t use their abilities well may find themselves in danger.




The story for Shadows of Adam was written by Luke Wacholtz (aka Lun Calsari), who wrote the story for popular RPG Maker game The Way. 


Shadows of Adam is available now on Steam and through the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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