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Shantae Bundle Will Appear on the PS4 and PS5

Shantae Playstation bundle

During E3 2021, Limited Run Games and WayForward announced that the five Shantae games will appear on the PS4 and PS5. The company will also release a physical version of the bundle. However, the physical version seems to only be for the PlayStation 5. Limited Run Games will reveal more details, such as the price and release date, on their website.

The video shared during LRG3 shows off short trailers for all five games, ranging from the original Shantae to Shantae and the Seven Sirens. This is not the first time that Limited Run Games has released ports of Shantae games. In September 2020, they announced that the original Shantae Game Boy Color game would be re-released on cartridges and ported to the Nintendo Switch.

The Limited Run Games Shantae bundle on the PS4 and PS5 will appear in the future, with more details to appear on Limited Run Games’ website. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition for the PlayStation 4 is currently on sale until June 18, 2021 as part of the PlayStation Indies game sale.

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