Shapeshift Into A Bear For An Edge In Hellenica’s Tactical Combat



Diona can shapeshift into a bear, using her ursine power to slam opponents off the map in Hellenica, a tactical RPG based in a steampunk ancient Greece.




Diona isn’t the only warrior who will be facing pirates, bandits, and luddite mobs. She’ll be joined by mechanic priestesses wielding strange new machinery, Spartan warriors, and mages with powerful spells, using all of their powers in turn-based combat to overcome their foes.


Movement will be useful, and something that is very important to consider, on the grids of Hellenica’s maps. Beyond the range of spells and attacks, players can also be knocked back spaces by a strong hit. Should they bump into another character, this will hurt them as well, letting players set up combos at the risk of moving an opponent out of range of follow-up attacks. They can also knock opponents off the map altogether, or use this ability to bump friends out of danger.




Those enemies will change on multiple playthroughs, as players can choose different paths and allies as they play through Hellenica. Various plot alliances can have players teaming up with steampunk re-imaginings of historical figures, making for different stories and conflicts on each run.


Hellenica is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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