Shattered Time Is An Ambitious RPG Aiming To Be Absolutely Free

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That’s the big promise that developer Daniel Swiger is making for his Kickstarter pitch for Shattered Time. A top-down isometric role-playing game, the goal is to eventually release everything in the game—code, graphics, scripting, everything—absolutely free to anyone at all.


The point for his Kickstarter is not so much to create the game itself, but “a platform to hand the community all the tools they would need”. It sounds grandiose and promising, but it also means he does need some of us to cough up cash to help make it a reality for everyone else.


The game itself is also suitably interesting. Blending a combination of the far distant past and far distant future, the timelines are now intertwined when rifts begin opening in them. What happens when a far-distant past powerful sorcerer such as yourself visits the far-future, where magic has waned and technology risen?


How are you going to recharge your blaster in a timeline which hasn’t even invented electricity yet? To further add to the twists, Shattered Time is looking to be a class-less and level-less game, where what you do and what you equip will be the factors that determine your strength. And where your quest reward might very well be wielded against you by the foe whose fingers you must pry it from!


There’s a lot of questions left over to answer where Shattered Time is concerned, however, one of them being the very upfront note from Swiger that he’s essentially a no-name developer who is also trying to shake up the industry by saying the game will go free if he gets the funding he needs to make it.


Everything being open-source, too, is making it rather interesting for him already, as he notes in the FAQ.


If you’re interested, you can back Shattered Time’s Kickstarter here. We’ll be keeping our own eyes on this one.

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