Shenmue Anime Additional Cast and Ending Theme Revealed

Shenmue Animation Cast

Several new cast members for the Shenmue anime have been revealed. One of the actors previously appeared in Shenmue III and will reprise her role in the upcoming anime. Furthermore, Japanese traditional rock band NARUDORA will perform the ending theme for the Shenmue anime. The song is titled “Sympathy.” [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Sega revealed the voice actors for Shenhua, Nozomi, and Guizhang, along with official comments from each actor. Haruka Terui, who voiced Shenhua Ling in Shenmue III, will reprise her role in the anime series. Nozomi Harasaki will be voiced by Haruka Fushimi, and this will be the voice actor’s first major role in an anime. Ryuichi Kijima, who plays Mitsuki in the Boruto anime series, will voice Guizhang.

As mentioned, NARUDORA, a 4-member Japanese alternative rock band, will perform the Shenmue anime’s ending theme song. Formed in 2013, the band has frequently done street performances as well as live shows. While the title of the ending theme has been confirmed, there is no official trailer or music video as of yet.

Previously, Sega revealed that Shenmue The Animation would feature the core voice cast from the games. The new cast will join Masaya Matsukaze and Takahiro Sakurai, both of whom appeared in the original Shenmue video game as Ryo and Lan Di, respectively. Crunchyroll also announced the actors for the English dub.

Shenmue The Animation will premiere on Crunchyroll on February 5, 2022. The series will also appear on Cartoon Network during Toonami at 12:30 AM. There will be 13 episodes in total.

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