“Shenmue HD” And “Shenmue Remastered” Domains Registered By Sega Europe

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Sega appears to have some plans for the Shenmue series, or maybe just having a Shenmue brainstorm session, as Sega Europe just registered a few domains related to the open-world action series. [Thanks, TSSZNews.]


The trademarks that were recently found started with one for a domain registratin of “Shenmuehd.com” by “SegaEurope Ltd.” Keep in mind that domain registrations don’t mean new developments, by any means, but according to TSSZ, Sega has a pretty good track record when it comes to domain registrations followed up by a new project unveil.


In addition to what sounds like a potential HD remake, Sega registered a couple more domains with “ShenmueRemastered.com” and “Shemnuegame.com” (the second one isn’t a typo), which were registered back in September 2016. The reason it is spelled that way is because the one with the proper spelling was registered in 2015 by a Mike Dobbin for GoDaddy.


Again, keep in mind that this isn’t a confirmation by any means, but it’s always fun to speculate whenever we see trademark or domain registration activities!

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