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Shenmue III Shares A New Progress Video For Gamescom 2017



Ys Net shared a look at a new progress video for Shenmue III, giving us a look at the born-again Ryo and Shenhua as well as some scenes and stages from the latest build of the game.


The teaser trailer gives us a look at Ryo, Shenhua, and other new characters we’ll be seeing in the journey.


Additionally, Yu Suzuki had a little bit to share about the title logo:



“I really wanted to bring home the Shenmue logo because this belongs to all of you, and I know how passionate everyone feels about it.
As the result, I felt the design should come more from the heart. So, with more than a bit of trepidation, I took brush to hand.
I believe we have reached a design that will please, but let me know what you think!”


Shenmue III releases in the second half of 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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