Shibuya Parco Opens In Japan With New Nintendo Store, Pokemon Center, And Capcom Store


The new Shibuya Parco shopping mall officially opened this week, with many gaming visitors from across Japan and across the world streaming into the mall to check out the first Nintendo flagship store in Japan, as well as a new Pokemon Center, and an official Capcom store as well. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The four big sections of the Nintendo Tokyo store were dedicated to the MarioThe Legend of ZeldaSplatoon, and Animal Crossing series, all of which are representative of modern Nintendo in Japan. Many new pieces of merchandise were designed and sold specially at this store. Adorned above these sections were four new statues of Mario, Link, Inkling, and Isabelle. Apart from these four series, other series such as Pikmin were also present.

As Nintendo Tokyo was expected to be bursting with people, Nintendo announced that for the first few days, people will need to obtain tickets at the door in advance in order to enter, so that there wouldn’t be overcrowding. These tickets were all distributed just two hours after opening.

Standing just outside the store is a giant 3D 8-bit Mario alongside a green pipe and a question mark block.

Nintendo Tokyo wasn’t the only Nintendo-related shop at Shibuya Parco. Pokemon Center Shibuya also opened inside the mall, with its centerpiece being a very ominous-looking Mewtwo inside an incubation tank. Hopefully, it won’t break out.

Picture by @noteofnaught on Twitter

Finally, a new Capcom Store also opened at Shibuya Parco, with a giant Ryu statue as its centerpiece.

The store had a photo spot where you could take a picture with a Monster Hunter World longsword and a Rathalos claw, as well as plushes and more from the Mega Man, Sengoku Basara, OkamiStreet Fighter, and Monster Hunter games.


Shibuya Parco is now open in Shibuya district in Tokyo.

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