Shift Gravity To Explore A Horror-Filled Starship In Cosmonaut

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Research vessel The Diogenes has been lost for eighty years, but Jarobi, a reconnaissance contractor, will soon find that it should have remained lost for far longer in sci-fi horror game Cosmonaut.


Players will help guide Jarobi through exploring the broken-down vessel, dealing with the alien life that has taken up residence either by protecting themselves or by exterminating the beasts with weaponry. With low gravity on the ship, players can attack or flee from those foes using any surface, constantly shifting where they stand to get the best vantage point. Enemies are just as capable of using this as players move deeper into the winding ship corridors, though, so players will have to take care.

Players will be tasked with solving puzzles while exploring the Diogenes as well, but as they do so, they’ll find some horrifying discoveries that may erode Jarobi’s sanity throughout the journey.


Cosmonaut is available now on Steam.

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