Shigatari–A Permadeath Samurai RPG Featuring Traditional Artwork

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RPG Shigatari utilizes traditional art to take players on a dangerous journey across ancient Japan, having players deal with randomized scenarios of combat and conversation that may lead to their permanent death.


Shigatari pulls from a pool of possible events as players move through nodes across the country, and each one can offer a different kind of event. Players may meet peasants and other people, carrying on a conversation with them that will guide the protagonist’s morality based on their dialogue choices. They may also find themselves in a fight, either due to running into a powerful opponent or simply because they want to kill a peasant to offer their heart to an Oni.

Should players enter combat, they will have to choose their attacks and defenses based on what they feel their opponent is going to do, with Shigatari demanding players act strategically if they wish to survive. They will have many options on what to do, as well, as the game styles and stances from seven different dueling schools they can learn from throughout the game, each offering a variety of strengths and flaws that players can exploit to kill their opponents (in somewhat ridiculous fashion).


Players on the verge of death may take some actions that will help with the losses that come with permadeath. Players can choose to commit seppuku in order to unlock some persistent bonuses, so deciding to kill yourself before you fall in combat can make life easier on the player’s next run.

Shigatari is available now on Steam.

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