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Shigeru Miyamoto Takes On A Super Mario Maker Level By Rayman Creator



Rayman creator Michel Ancel previously mentioned that he was working on a level for Super Mario Maker. We get a look at the results of his work as Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka give it a try.


Named “PAC-Mario,” the stage boasts a setup that may be quite familiar to fans of Pac-Man. It is a score-based level that features various items, plenty of coins, and patrolling boos reminiscent of the Pac-Man ghosts.


Tezuka got a score of 18,900 on his try, while Miyamoto bested him with 29,800.


Super Mario Maker will release September 10 in Japan, in North America and Europe on September 11, and in Australia on September 12.