Shin Samurai Jazz Combines 8-Bit Graphics With Film Noir And Samurai Cinema


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Blaze Epic has released its 8-bit action platformer Shin Samurai Jazz on its website and on Steam. You can purchase it for $0.99 on Windows.


Shin Samurai Jazz combines film noir with samurai cinema and 8-bit graphics. It has you fighting through a pixelated city with a katana to free it from the gang leader who has populated it with drone-like thugs. You get to chop  your way through them to an electro-jazz soundtrack.


Along with cutting up enemies and solving puzzles, the game features challenging platform sections in which you need to wall jump, double jump, and sometimes dash across the air during aerial combat. This is inspired by Chunori, which is a technique used in Japanese theater to elevate apparitions and ghosts on the stage and suspend them over the audience.


You’ll also need to use this floating technique to overcome the enemy patterns most effectively. Juggling enemies with mid-air combinations should also be pursued for the cleanest run through the game.

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