The one thing WiiWare really needs more of is decent racing games. The only ones I’ve found myself particularly liking are the new Excitebike and High Voltage Hot Rod Show.


It looks like Shin’en took a gander at the list of genres on WiiWare and came to the exact same conclusion. The German-based developer are currently in the midst of producing FAST – Racing League for WiiWare, which, judging by the teaser image they released, seems like it’ll play (and look) similar to wipEout or F-Zero.


There’s more to it, however. The term “Shift your phase” will play into the game somehow, and it sounds like some sort of transformation mechanic. No details on this front yet, but we don’t expect you’ll have to wait too long.


Click the image for the full, enlarged version. You can follow the game on Facebook here.


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