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The Shining Series Comes To PS3 With Shining Resonance



Sega has two games from the Shining series in development. Blade Arcus from Shining, an upcoming 2D fighter with heroes and heroines from Sega’s long running Shining series is testing an arcades. Additionally, they just announced the latest of the main series, with Shining Resonance for PlayStation 3 in this week’s Famitsu magazine. (Thanks, Hokanko-Alt and Game-Jouhou).


According to the magazine report, the characters of will be drawn by Shining series artist Tony Taka, and will be developed by Wild ARMs makers Media.Vision. Shining Resonance will feature a dragon as the protagonist, and will have the theme of “dragons and musical instruments”.


As far as the battle system goes, the details are pretty light but it’s reported that the field and battle sequences will also be done in a seamless fashion, and will have parties of up to four players. It will also emphasize on the use of instruments for various effects. Depending on who you have as the “center character,” there will be different effects, too.


Additionally, the report mentions that the character models have a similar appearance to those seen in the Atelier series.


We also got some details on the characters, but the report seems to have partially blanked out some of the names and other details. Here’s what we got so far:


Shining Dragon Irvan: the protagonist of Shining Resonance. He/she isn’t a mix or a humanoid dragon, but an actual dragon. The human allies will be able to have him fight with a weapon called the Dragon *** Instrument, which uses some sort of melody.


Kilika Towa Alma (shown in the top image): a Songstress who uses a Dragon Wing Bow as a weapon of choice, to go with some holy magic. Kilika is an elf who inherited song magic that controls nature’s spiritual powers. She’s not that great when it comes to communicating with other people, but she has a kind heart.


*** Blanche: a black-haired princess who also happens to be a Magic Knight. She seems to come on strong and can be quite aggressive, even towards the protagonist.



**** Bretthart: a young red-haired man who is something like an older brother-figure to the protagonist.


*** Zalbard: a knight from the empire, who seems to be going after dragons (the protagonist).


Not much have been revealed as far as the story goes, but it is said to start out with the protagonist being captured, and then saved by two heroines. There will also be enemy dragons, and so far, they’ve shown three of them in the magazine.


Shining Resonance is currently in development for PlayStation 3.

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