shinjukudungeon-01Shinjuku Station’s labyrinth-like design has been reimagined into an actual dungeon by game developer Pumo. Shinjuku Dungeon uses the layout of the actual train station, adds monsters, and a legendary treasure to find.


Originally released for iOS and Android, a Nintendo 3DS version is scheduled for release in Japan on January 7, 2015. Shinjuku Dungeon for Nintendo 3DS has been modified to use both screens on the system. Pumo also added extra content like new mysteries and equipment to find.


Shinjuku Dungeon for Nintendo 3DS will cost 600 yen on the Nintendo eShop.


shinjukudungeon-02 shinjukudungeon-06 shinjukudungeon-05 shinjukudungeon-04 shinjukudungeon-03

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