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Shiny Pokemon Can Have Two Sparkle Animations In Pokemon Sword And Shield

shiny pokemon sword and shield

The hunt for shiny Pokemon may have gotten a little more difficult in Pokemon Sword and Shield. There are now two sorts of animations that could play upon entering a battle. One shows the traditional sparkles. However, the new design involves shining squares. [Thanks, Serebii!]

Of the two shiny Pokemon options, the squares are more rare. Should someone encounter or hatch one, you have a 6.25% chance of getting a creature with the animated shining squares. That means there is a 93.75% chance of getting the more traditional animation.

These animations do not have an effect on the shiny Pokemon’s color scheme. Each character only has one alternate color scheme.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you never really know when you will happen upon a shiny Pokemon. However, there are means of increasing your odds of acquiring one. As usual, completing the Pokedex will get you a Shiny Charm. Visiting Circhester’s Ionia Hotel and showing the doctor NPC your Pokedex will get you one. You also boost your odds by battling the Pokemon whose shiny you want a lot, to increase your Battle Count with them, and creating a Catch Combo where you catch as many of them as you can in a row.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for the Nintendo Switch. It has already passed a million units sold in Japan. Also, Gigantamax Butterfrees are currently appearing in Max Raids.

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