Tzai Entertainment’s music-based shoot-em-up, Shmusicup, lets you outfit lead character, Lyric, in three different suits. Lyric’s suits aren’t just for show either — each one comes with its own multiplayer, giving you a little customizability over your playing style.


This suit enables Prox Mode. The Prox Mode multiplier increases the farther you progress through the level, so the closer you are to the boss, the higher the rate at which you’ll rack up points.


This one enables Graze Mode, which is more complex. In Graze Mode, you “graze” enemy bullets to increase your multiplier.



The last suit appears to be the happy medium. It enables Aim Mode, which increases with accuracy. The more of your shots hit enemies, the more your multiplier increases. However, missed shots will have the opposite effect and decrease your multiplier.


Shmusicup doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll let you know as we learn more.


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