shogi.jpgI’ve been saving the Microsoft Points attached to my Japanese Xbox Live account just in case an awesome title doesn’t find its way to North America. So far every Xbox Live Arcade release made its debut in North America, but not Shotest Shogi.


AI Factory stealthy released the title last week in Japan only. There isn’t much to say about it other than Shotest Shogi is Shogi with online play and Xbox Vision Camera support. Shotest Shogi costs 800 Microsoft Points ($10). I’m not interested in shelling out for it so I just tried the demo. The good news is it has English text so if you are interested in Shotest Shogi and have spare points on a Japanese Xbox Live account you can get it now. It’s probably coming to North America later since it’s fully localized and rated by the ESRB.


Images courtesy of Microsoft.

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