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Shonen Jump Store

Fans of Shonen Jump and the manga published therein have a new way to display their devotion. Shonen Jump announced the opening of the official Shonen Jump Store in the US. The store will stock exclusive, limited premium merchandise inspired by Shonen Jump manga like Bleach and One Piece.  The official Twitter account formally announced the opening on January 20, 2022.

Incidentally, it was the Shonen Jump store that the Twitter account was referring to when it tweeted a tease on January 19th, before quickly clarifying that “It’s not NFTs.”

The Shonen Jump store sells what it calls “manga capsule collections,” or limited lines of merchandise inspired by a Shonen Jump manga. It will sell two collections each season, with a third, permanent line based on Shonen Jump itself. All items in the store will be produced in “very limited quantities.” So limited, in fact, that most will not be restocked. Special events hosted by Viz Media (Shonen Jump‘s publisher outside Japan) will also sell items from the capsule collections. Otherwise, they’re store-exclusive.

For its debut, the Shonen Jump store is stocking items inspired by One Piece and Bleach. Most items are apparel items such as hoodies, t-shirts, baseball caps, and socks. There is, however, a One Piece duffel bag (that is sold out at the time of this writing), and a Bleach 20th Anniversary mug. As for design, the items  favor minimal, monochrome prints of panels and art from the series. The One Piece caps feature a stylized logo patch. Pricing ranges from USD $25 to $60 on average, with the top-priced item being a bone-white Bleach 20th Anniversary hoodie at $90 (it’s also sold out).

shonen jump store

The official Shonen Jump store is open, and can be found hereOne Piece and Bleach can be read on the service and purchased in digital and physical stores. Bleach will debut a new anime series covering the manga’s final story arc, The Thousand-Year Blood War, in 2022.

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