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Shoot Through 1920s Gangsters And The Undead In The Guns, Gore & Cannoli Demo



Crazy Monkey Studios has let loose a Windows and Mac demo of its 2D zombie shooter set during the Roaring Twenties called Guns, Gore & Cannoli. The game is also currently on Kickstarter.


Guns, Gore & Cannoli does a pretty good job of describing itself with that title. You play as Vinnie Cannoli, a gangster who rolls into Thugtown to find a wiseguy that went missing after the zombie outbreak.


You’ll have to take up arms with double-barrelled shotguns, tommy guns, and your gangster wits to make you way across this city, shooting up and dodging the flesh-hungry zombies as well as  the rival mafia families that are still at war in the midst of it all.


Other than action and a small dose of platforming, the game also offers local co-op play for two players, and a story that weaves itself between corrupt government officials and the seedy dark world of life as a gangster.


Crazy Monkey Studios is looking for $30,000 in funding to see Guns, Gore & Cannoli through to completion. You can get a digital copy of the game for Windows and Mac at the $10 pledging tier. The studio is hoping to bring the game to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U in early 2015.

Chris Priestman