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How To Shoot Down Enemies In Metropolis Defenders



Absolute Interception Wars: Metropolis Defenders is an upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita game that is like a tower defense game, but with a twist of having a rotating city with all the weapons you can ask for on it.


The game’s trailer starts out with what appears to be a normal city, until an alarm goes off indicating that it’s being attacked by a giant monster. Once that happens, the “Interception City” goes in defense mode, and basically transforms itself into a huge ring of weapons.


At 0:45, they show a bit of the shooting action, so it won’t be your average Defense-style game, where you simply place weapons to block and attack incoming enemies, as you’ll get to control the guns and shoot them down yourself.


The Interception City is divided into rings, and you’ll get to spin them around to have them face enemies as they approach from a distance. There are intervals called “Interception Phase,” which is basically the development phase for upgrades.


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The city levels up with more people, and you can also level up its offensive and defensive parts, too. The weapon and defense units can also be upgraded by some sort of currency or energy figures that are shown in the upper-right part of the screen.


As previously reported, Takeshi Oga, known for his concept artwork for Gravity Rush and Siren 2 is designing the enemies in Absolute Interception Wars: Metropolis Defenders, just in case you were wondering if the monsters looked pretty familiar!

Absolute Interception Wars: Metropolis Defenders will release in Japan on July 2, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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