Shoot Everything in the Smash TV and Gauntlet-Inspired Game, Monsters & Monocles



Inspired by co-op arcade classics like Smash TV and Gauntlet, Monsters & Monocles is a top-down procedural action game that features local and multiplayer support for up to four people.


One of its key selling points is that all of your interaction with the world and its objects involves shooting. You’ll need a keygun to open a locked door, reviving an incapacitated player requires shooting the grim reaper until he gives up on harvesting a poor soul, and blasting a kettle repeatedly causes it to boil, producing healing items for players to collect.


screenshot8 screenshot0 screenshot2 screenshot4


Retro Dreamer (developer of Monsters & Monocles) are currently seeking for votes on Steam Greenlight. The game is in development for a release on Windows, Mac, Linux and SteamOS platforms.

Tim Wee