nerf.jpgMuch of the excitement regarding the collaboration between Electronic Arts and Hasbro centered on G.I. Joe and board games. Nerf “N-Strike”, a Nintendo DS and Wii title, got lost in the shuffle. There isn’t any description about what kind of game N-Strike is (a light gun game or family friendly FPS would suit the license well), but that isn’t what makes N-Strike stick out. Here is a snippet from EA’s press release regarding N-Strike, with added emphasis on the input device.


NERF "N-Strike" for Wii and DS, scheduled to ship Fall 08
Become the master of mayhem in the first NERF blaster action game. In a world created to be the perfect landscape for NERF pandemonium, players can wreak havoc and perfect their blasting skills or challenge friends to clashes with both single and multi-player game modes. With the brand new custom NERF blaster, players can then take the action outside as their controller transforms to fire actual NERF darts!


I already imagine multiplayer games turning into actual NERF fights and occasional misfiring at the TV. Both are small prices to pay for this amalgamation.


Update: JC Fletcher over at NintendoWiiFanboy sent an e-mail explaining he found a picture of the blaster zapper and it looks awesome

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