Should You Data Center Travel to Dynamis in FFXIV
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Should You Data Center Travel to Dynamis in FFXIV

When Square Enix discussed the congestion in FFXIV following the launch of Dawntrail, it also frequently mentions using the Data Center Travel system to go to Dynamis. This is the newest North American Data Center, which also happened to have new Worlds open ahead of Dawntrail. However, you may be wondering if it is something you should consider. While it might make it easier for you to play at the expansion’s launch and during a congested time, there are a number of restrictions to consider.

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Why would I consider using Data Center Travel to visit Dynamis in FFXIV?

It all comes down to congestion issues. Since Dawntrail early access started on June 28, 2024, FFXIV has been swamped. If you check the Server Status on the Lodestone, the North American Data Centers Aether, Crystal, and Primal’s world have all appeared as “congested.” People also haven’t been able to create new characters there.

Now, this isn’t the case for Dynamis. Since it is the newest Data Center for North America and has new worlds, none of them are experiencing that same traffic issue. Cuchulainn, Golem, Halicarnassus, Kraken, Maduin, Marilith, Rafflesia, and Seraph have all been showing as uncongested during the launch. Each one also shows as being able to have new characters created there.

As such, Square Enix is promoting using Data Center Travel (or making a character there) in order to more quickly jump into the game and expansion. So it is true that if someone who is in North America on an Aether, Crystal, or Primal World uses Data Center Travel to go to Dynamis in FFXIV at the moment, they should be able to enjoy without delays.

What are the downsides to using the Data Center Travel System to head to Dynamis in FFXIV?

There are honestly quite a few restrictions put onto visitors who use the Data Center Travel System. The more major ones affect things like Crystalline Conflict, Eternal Bonds, Fellowships, Free Companies, Gold Saucer Tournaments, Housing, Linkshells, Markets, Moogle Delivery Service, PvP Teams, Retainers, and the Miner and Botanist gathering nodes. Square Enix goes through a whole list of them when it explains how to use the feature.

These are the biggest drawbacks to using the Data Center Travel System in FFXIV.

  • You can’t get belts from Calamity Salvager.
  • You can’t be in Crystalline Conflict ranked matches.
  • You can’t take part in Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding, either your own or attending others, and quests tied to it can’t be taken. 
  • Your Deep Dungeon results won’t appear on leaderboards.
  • You can’t delete your character.
  • You can’t create, join, or see information about Fellowships.
  • You can’t go to the Firmament.
  • You can’t create, join, leave, send messages in chat, or earn Company Credits for a Free Company.
  • You can’t be in Gold Saucer Lord of Verminion or Triple Triad tournaments, and Cactpot Tickets aren’t available.
  • You can’t perform a Home World Transfer.
  • You can’t buy or share Housing or take the quest “Bird in Hand” tied to that feature.
  • You can’t use a Linkshell, but you can join a Cross-world Linkshell.
  • You can’t sell things at the Market in-game, but can through the Companion App.
  • You can’t use legendary or unspoiled gathering nodes as a Botanist or Miner.
  • You can’t use Moogle Delivery Service.
  • You can’t create, join, leave, or take part in the chat for a PvP Team.
  • You can’t use Retainers or take the “An Ill-conceived Venture” quest tied to them.
  • You can’t teleport with Aetheryte Pendulum or Eternity Rings unless the players involved are on the same World. 

Should you use Data Center Travel to go to Dynamis?

I think if you are absolutely, positively, completely desperate to play FFXIV and Dawntrail immediately, as soon as possible, it is something to consider. But only if you accept you will lose access to all the items that are restricted. Especially since, given congestion, it might be a bit to get home again.

However, if you are okay with waiting in queues, the benefits of staying where you are far outweigh the positives. You likely know your friends are on the same world as you at the moment. You might want to take advantage of some of the things that are restricted if you do use Data Center Travel. (Like it would be a good time to sell things tied to Dawntrail on the Market!) You may want to do things with your Free Company. 

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, and the Dawntrail expansion launches on July 2, 2024.

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