Shovel Knight Rides A Mean Motorbike In Road Redemption



    Not content with driving a kart or hanging out with Kratos, Shovel Knight is now riding a chopper in the combat racer Road Redemption, which is currently on Steam Early Access.


    Yep, the game’s latest update adds Shovel Knight as a playable character, armed with a shovel (obviously) to knock competitors off their bikes, and comes with a custom chopper.


    Also worth noting is perhaps one of the best patch notes listed in this update, behold: “Fixed bug where users would sometimes ride backward off of a rooftop into the abyss.”


    Anyway, you can purchase this spiritual success to Road Rash for its full price of $19.99 ($12.99 during the Steam sale) for Windows on Steam Early Access.

    Chris Priestman

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