Yacht Club Games are currently working on additional content for Shovel Knight, and say that the first of this content will be a campaign for the Plague Knight.


In the new mode, the Plague Knight will be a playable character, complete with his own abilities and story. Mona (above), the lady that runs the potion mini-game in the village, will have a “vastly expanded” role in his campaign as well.


As detailed in past reports, there’s a lot more content planned for Shovel Knight in the months ahead. This includes story campaigns for King Knight and Spectre Knight, a gender-swap mode, a 4-player couch battle mode exclusive to Wii U, and more.


In addition to the extra content, Shovel Knight is also being prepped for release on PlayStation platforms, with Kratos as a boss character. We’ll have more on the game as further details are announced.


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