A Shovel Is Your Only Weapon Against The Hideous Monsters Of World Of One


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World of One takes players to spinning bleak worlds, walking through their burnt-out houses, ruined woods, and crumbling graveyards as they overcome the monsters that lurk with them with only a shovel.


World of One will have players dodging around all manner of grisly enemies, with various kinds of skeletons, undead animals, and mixtures of flesh and machine attacking them as they move through its foggy lands. Players can take out these monsters using a handy shovel, but the protagonist is unused to combat and swings its weapon slowly and clumsily. Avoiding combat, carefully planning attacks, and using their wits will be important to surviving.

World of One rotates as the player moves through its dead towns and fields, the whole map spinning under the player’s feet. Players can’t let this disorient them as they play, as they’ll need to pay attention to survive, as well as make sense of how they got to this depressing place and why.


Players can experience the lethal, sickening creatures that roam World of One now, as the game is already available on Steam.

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