Shrine Maidens Use Their Guns For Yokai Killing & Propulsion In Kamio Recoil



Yokai, armed with modern technology and weaponry, have set out to attack humanity and spread chaos in the year 20XX. Five shrine maidens, each armed with their own weapon, set out to beat them back, using those guns to propel themselves around zero-gravity environments while shooting demonic forces in Kamio Recoil.




Each shrine maiden’s gun can be used to move them around as well as kill enemies. Firing a gun is the only source of locomotion, so players will need to constantly factor in how the gun will move them while judging whether to take a shot.


Players will also need to use these guns to navigate the world, as each stage is set in a sprawling area that will require exploration to complete. These areas all offer multiple paths through them as well, but players will need to take care while searching for new routes as using a weapon’s primary fire consumes HP. Players are free to switch between the shrine maidens as need be, though, whether for weapons or survival.




Kamio Recoil is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight, with a full release expected to occur sometime in December of this year.

Alistair Wong
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