Shrouded In Sanity – An Action Horror Game Set In A Maddening Fog



An unnatural fog wafts out from Berelai Manor, and you, armed with your iaito cane and hand cannon, must fight the unsettled servants within to find the source of the mist in horror action game Shrouded in Sanity.




The game, which has already been Greenlit, takes place in an alternate historical setting. In it, players will make their way through the varied halls of the manor, fighting back against gun, scissor, and knife-wielding servants. Whatever is afflicting them has increased their fighting skills, as each is quite dangerous and capable with their weapon of choice.




The developer mentions that “…your sanity will be tested as the truth unfolds in this hungry all-consuming Fog.” and also claims that Eternal Darkness is an inspiration. It is unclear if this indicates some form of sanity system in the game at this time, though.


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The developer hopes to release Shrouded in Sanity on Steam Early Access soon.

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