Side Characters Can Provide Danger Or Aid In Action RPG Pixel Princess Blitz

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Pixel Princess Blitz is an action RPG places player inside a living world, meeting or defeating NPCs with autonomous personalities and goals within that world.




NPCs will make their way across Verad, the game’s setting, acting upon their own wills to help people in need, fight certain monsters, or attack settlements and the player. Should the player come across one of these NPCs and help or attack them, they may make an ally who will help them later, or set themselves up for potential ruin depending on that character’s role is in the world.


These characters will shape the story, depending on how the player interacts with them, or even if the player never meets them. While the player’s actions will still have an affect on the branching narrative, characters they haven’t even met can still alter the plot with their own actions based on their desires and personalities. An unknown character may meet and kill undead, stopping an attack the player never knew about because that is what that character’s goal is.




Events can take brutal turns in the game, as well. Towns, normally a safe haven, can be attacked or overrun completely should the player fail to protect them. Kuruna, the game’s heroine, also needs to manage resources to stave off exhaustion and sickness while travelling the game’s hex-based maps. Combat with monsters can also lead to permanent death, as dying in Pixel Princess Blitz ends the game.


Still, those same wandering NPCs can come to the player’s aid, offering assistance in combat, help them defend areas, grant them help when they’re sick, or give them help in moments when failure seems certain. The developer points out that, even with perma-death, they wish to be hard, but fair.




Pixel Princess Blitz will feature real-time combat against its enemies, having players attack, block, deflect, dash, and use a variety of weapons and moves against its large, animated creatures. These can occur in towns or dungeons, and will be based on randomly-chosen events that will make each battle or dungeon unique and surprising.


Pixel Princess Blitz is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

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