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SIE President Jim Ryan Hints at PS5 Unannounced Features and Unique Appeal


Yesterday, Business Insider Japan posted an interview with SIE president & CEO Jim Ryan, where he talked about the PlayStation 5’s features, unique appeal, and possible simultaneous release in Japan.

Here are the highlights:

Why is the PlayStation 5 logo similar to the PlayStation 4’s?

Jim Ryan, SIE president & CEO: “It’s important for there to be consistency between all PlayStation brand products. People must be able to tell immediately that it’s PlayStation.”

On PS4 to PS5 Migration:

Ryan: “During the period of migration from PS4 to PS5, there will be a lot of PS4 users. What is important is our duty to those players. At the same time, we must bring new appeal to the PS5. This year will be a tough but special year even compared to other console launches up until now.”

PS5’s Unique Appeal

Ryan: “Whenever a new game console releases, the processor and graphics improve. That is quite appealing, but there needs to be a special appeal at the same time. We’ve already revealed that memory storage will utilize SSDs this time. Having virtually non-existent loading times will be a big change.

3D audio and haptic feedback controllers are things you’ll understand are big changes when you get to experience them. Playing Gran Turismo Sport with the PS5 controller feels completely different. While the controllers up until now have provided great experiences, after you feel the changes in the surfaces of the roads via haptic control, and the sense of control brought by adaptive triggers, you can’t go back.

But you know, there are still many unique things about the PS5 compared to previous game consoles. There are still “even greater changes” that we haven’t announced yet.”

On simultaneous release in Japan:

Ryan: “I can’t comment on what timing it will release onto the market, However, I was involved with the decision to release the PS4 three months later in Japan back then.

There were justified reasons for this choice, but nowadays I believe that it wasn’t a good idea. It was a decision made after many debates, but perhaps there were other choices.”

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