Silent Hill: Ascension Promises an Interactive Series in 2023

Silent Hill Ascension

Konami went all-out with new Silent Hill announcements during its livestream, and Silent Hill: Ascension might be one of the more unique takes on the series so far. It promises to blend community, live storytelling, and interactive mechanics. It’s being produced by four companies: Genvid, which specializes in “Massively Interactive Live Events”, Bad Robot Games, the game arm of the production company led by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Director J.J. Abrams, Behaviour Studios, developers of Dead by Daylight, and DJ2, which helped adapt the Sonic the Hedgehog films.

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Check out the teaser trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension below.

The teaser shows brief shots of a monster, along with closeups of chat messages, emphasizing the multiplayer, community-led aspect of the game. Some of the chat messages tell “Amina”, a character in the story, to “Run!”. The teaser promised that the project would go live in 2023. During the stream, Genvid CEO Jacob Navok spoke of the appeal of “communal fear” that fans can watch together, and interact with en masse. Fan interactions with the story as it broadcasts live can change the story, with the outcomes becoming set in “canon”, with “no reset button”.

Bad Robot Games Art Director Chris Amaral spoke about the psychological roots of Silent Hill: Ascension‘s monster designs, saying that the creatures would be inspired by the personal traumas and demons of the characters. Chris Ferriera of Behaviour Studios was also on hand to talk up the way Ascension will blend audience interaction and live storytelling.

Silent Hill: Ascension is in development, and will go live in 2023. Its platforms or service details have not yet been confirmed. Interested fans can sign up for updates at the official website.

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