Silent Hill: Townfall Coming From Observation Developers

Silent Hill Townfall

More than just the Silent Hill 2

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remake was on display at Konami’s Silent Hill transmission livestream. Three entirely new Silent Hill-related games are also in development. One of them is Silent Hill: Townfall. It’s being developed by No Code, which created Stories Untold and Observation, alongside Annapurna Interactive, which published games like Outer Wilds and Sayonara Wild Hearts. Konami aired a teaser for the new title during the stream.

Check it out below.

The Silent Hill: Townfall teaser doesn’t show off gameplay footage, but does establish a mood. It begins with a monologue by a man talking to someone, saying the person he’s talking to is “here to be punished”. A shot of a portable television shows off various disturbing images and brief glimpses of some kind of monster, before resolving onto a blood-red wave crashing onto a beach.

A video message from No Code Creative Director John McKellan recounted memories of playing the original Silent Hill, and noted how much of an influence the series has been on the developers at No Code and Annapurna. He mentioned the focus of their own titles, Stories Untold and Observation, on “deep psychological horror,” traits they want to use in weaving the narrative of Silent Hill: Townfall.

McKellan said that though the game is still early in development, they planned to share more info sometime in 2023.

Silent Hill: Townfall is in development. It does not have an announced release date or platform at this time.

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