Siliconera Speaks Up: Guilty Gaming Pleasures



What’s your guiltiest gaming pleasure? The one game you absolutely adored, but can’t believe you actually enjoyed?


Jenni: My guiltiest game pleasure would have to be Crystal’s Pony Tale. I can’t even recall how many hours I spent playing that game on my Genesis and Nomad. When I even unearthed my Nomad a few years ago, I caught myself spending a week replaying it.


First, you customize Crystal’s appearance. Then, you go around different worlds, talking with other creatures in the environment, to collect horseshoes, gems and keys so all of the other ponies that were captured by the evil wizard can be freed. It’s most likely one of the girliest Genesis games ever made, and I absolutely adore it.


Louise: The first thing that popped up in my mind was Peggle iPhone. Now before all the haters pile on, it’s not that I don’t like Peggle. I played the PC demo for a few hours when it came out and put it down. I just didn’t “get it”. While the rest of the internet was going on and on about the addictive qualities of Peggle, I just shrugged. The game seemed boring to me: you drop a ball, hope it hits the pegs you want, and repeat. No amount of flashy graphics and rainbow unicorns could make that fun for me.


Boy, was I wrong. I picked up Peggle on the iPhone to review, thinking I would be impartial to the game and immune to the hype. This latest iteration of Peggle was my gateway drug. I don’t know what did it, but I found myself playing far more Peggle than any other game when I first got it. If I didn’t already think the iPhone was a serious gaming platform, Peggle certainly pushed me in that direction. If you had asked me two months ago about Peggle, I would have said “meh”, but now, I’d say, ” Where??”


Ishaan: Probably Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. I was a huge Sub-Zero fanboy during my early teens, so I had an absolute blast playing through the game…over and over again. Now? Not so much.



Spencer: I own so many “B-rated” or even “D-rated” video games I don’t know where to begin. Maybe one of the Simple Series games like Vol. 91: The All Star Kakutou Matsuri which is a fighting game with obscure Simple Series characters like Aya from the Onechanbara and a soldier from Earth Defense Force. It’s honestly horrible as a fighting game, but that’s what makes it so ridiculous to play. Riho, a character from D3’s Love Mahjong series attacks by… posing.


I’m probably the only person who liked Bujingai too. It’s not the best action game ever, but its flair filled style over substance won me over for a good six hours. Cross Edge may be a future addition to this list…

Louise Yang