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Many people are lucky enough to have winter break from school or a vacation from their jobs. Cold weather is like Mother Nature’s way of telling us to stay inside, bundle up, and spend some time gaming. What are you playing during your winter break?


Jenni: This winter break I’ll mainly be catching up. I’ll (hopefully) finish up my first playthrough of Persona 4 and finally finish my first playthrough of La Corda d’Oro for the PSP. I’m also going to be spending a little bit of time each day paying off loans and creating a perfect town in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


A friend of mine recently picked up Guitar Hero III for the Wii, and I’m sure at her Holiday and New Years Eve parties I’ll take part in some guitar battles or duets.



Spencer: The nice part about early January is you can catch up with the holiday surge. I want to spend more time with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. It’s a fun game, but it came out around the same time as so many other games I haven’t given it as much attention. Part of the reason is you can play Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for half an hour and put it down without having to worry about reaching the next save point. The pick up and play style is nice, but since Tatsunoko vs. Capocm doesn’t force you into a timesink I haven’t put tons of time into it.


I also have Ar Tonelico II lying around that I haven’t gotten to. Don’t worry you’ll hear about it soon! And then there’s KORG DS-10 which isn’t a game, but a cool music program to play with. It’s really technical though so learning to use it is “the game”. I should probably get to Infinite Undiscovery too. I started it, but put it down. Actually, should I get back to it? Is it worth my time?



Louise: Thanks to the BF being out of town, I finally have the time to devote hours upon hours to my current game of choice: Persona 4. It really is the type of game where you need a chunk of time to play because once I start, I don’t want to stop. It’s always, “Ok, just one more floor” or “Just let me get to the next day so I can develop my S. Link with so-and-so more.” The only “breaks” the game has are when you defeat a story boss early and you have to wait for the next event to show up; those are the only times I turn off my PS2 to take a break.


When I’m taking a break for P4, I play my 360. Winter break means more of my Xbox Live friends are on during the day, so I usually join them for a game of Left 4 Dead or Gears of War 2. I prefer playing these games with people I know instead of being at the mercy of random matching. Most of the players I get matched up with with random matching make me wonder why I’m paying for the online service at all.

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