Siliconera Speaks Up: What Do You Want To See On The PSP?

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Assassins Creed, Idolm@ster SP, Resistance, Rock Band, and Shin Megami Tensei (sort of!). This year a lot of big series are coming to the PSP. What series would you want to see most?


Jenni: Franchise-wise, I’m pretty satisfied with the PSP offerings. When I look at the games so far, it seems like everything I’d want to see is there. Especially, since Kingdom Hearts is on it’s way to the system with Birth By Sleep.


If anything, I’d like to see a PSP Suikoden game. Whether it’s a localization of Suikoden I & II, or an entirely new game, it’d be a welcome addition.


An entry in the Atelier series would be interesting as well, especially since Mana Khemia has been brought to the system. I think the item gathering series would lend itself well to the PSP. It worked on the DS after all.


Louise: One of my wishes, an SMT game on the PSP is already coming true (sort of). Even though it’s a spin-off, I hope that Persona on the PSP will garner the type of interest P3 did on the PS2 and open the way to more SMT games on the system.


My next wish is for a new Grandia game on the PSP. Something with battle mechanics along the lines of Grandia II would be great. There’s already a revival of old PS1 franchises like Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean, and Suikoden. Bringing Grandia back falls right in line with it. I’d rather have a non-port than a port, but even being able to replay Grandia II with some speed tweaks in loading on the PSP would be a nice trip down memory lane.


Ishaan: I don’t have a PSP and that’s primarily because I’m having enough trouble keeping up with the barrage of DS releases that just keep coming. So, I’m going to try to discuss this from a slightly different angle: What would convince me to go out and buy a PSP within the next few months.


Like Jenni, I’m really looking forward to Birth by Sleep. Final Fantasy Agito XIII looks interesting, too, but last I heard, that was a card battle game and I’m not sure how much I would enjoy that. As far as RPGs go, there’s not much that PSP can do that DS can’t (discounting certain graphical and technical advantages) and we’ve already got a ton of those on the way for the DS. What I would very much like is to see someone make PSP games that really push the technical limits of the system and give people a solid reason to feel satisfied with their purchase. God of War: Chains of Olympus and wipEout are good examples and…


Wait, who am I kidding. All I need is a Persona 4 port.


Spencer: After it was mistakenly shown at E3 last year, Valkyria Chronicles would be fantastic. The PSP may not be able to replicate the watercolor effect from the CANVAS engine, but Sega could make a portable Valkyria Chronicles game with art from the anime and high resolution sprites.


Since the PSP has a ton of ports and a library of downloadable PS1 games it would be nice to see developers revive some of their past works. A new Einhander or Mega Man Legends game would be fitting since these are already on the PSP. Games like these already have established universes to build on and fanbases waiting for a new game.

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