Siliconera Speaks Up: What Game Sold You On A Console?

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What were your console-sellers? Let’s face it, not everyone stands in line for days at a time each time a new console is released. What games persuaded you to buy a new console?


Jenni: The only console I bought on Day 1 was the DS, because I was incredibly excited about Animal Crossing: Wild World and all the other forthcoming games. When it came to other systems, I generally waited until they were established before jumping onboard.

For example, I bought the original PlayStation after Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean: Second Story were released because I was caught up in the hype surrounding both of those games. I ended up going for the PlayStation 2 after Final Fantasy X came out. I actually bought FFX a month before I ended up getting the PS2, because there was a sale at some store where it came with a guide.


Louise: That’s funny, because I bought the DS for Animal Crossing too, but not on day one. It took me about a year after the release of the DSphat to finally pick one up. The combination of both Trauma Center and Animal Crossing was too much for me to bear and I broke down and bought the DS. What’s weird is that I bored of Animal Crossing very quickly, but Trauma Center had a lasting effect.

So lasting that I ended up standing in line during the Wii launch to pick up the Wii as well as Trauma Center for the Wii. This might be heresy to some people, but I left with only Trauma Center and a Wii console, no Twilight Princess and no qualms about that.


Spencer: Wow… so many systems to reflect on, but I never really bought systems at launch until I started running Siliconera. Usually I would wait until there were five or so games I wanted before buying a console. Even now I still recommend this to people who ask me when they should buy a console.

I broke this rule for the Saturn where I rushed out to get one when Dragon Force came out. It was years after the Saturn launched, but up until then I wasn’t really interested in the other games. Dragon Force struck me as something unique and watching a hundred sprite zombies attacking each other was just plain awesome. Like Louise, I was also drawn to Trauma Center: Second Opinion. It was the only game I got with my US Wii at launch. A few weeks later I got Twilight Princess. I still think the Gamecube version controls better.


Ishaan: Like Spencer, I’ve always been conservative with my console purchases. I didn’t buy a PS2 until halfway through its lifecycle. I eventually gave in because there were so many RPGs on the system that I really wanted to try out. The same goes for the DS, which I only bought in 2006 when Final Fantasy III was remade. The only console I actually wanted at launch was the Wii because of the controller and because Red Steel (sniff) and Twilight Princess looked so awesome.

Part of it might have to do with the fact that I used to be a PC gamer and my friends and I would share all our games with each other. Money was hard to come by when you were a kid, so if anyone in the class managed to get their hands on a good game, every one else would have it by the end of the week.

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