PS5 Game of the Year 2020

Siliconera’s PS5 Game of the Year 2020

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Since its November launch, the PlayStation 5 has delivered a number of games worthy of all that fervor to try (and usually fail) to buy one. The controller! The first-party focus! It’s a true console launch, all right. But these games stood above the rest. Check out Siliconera’s PS5 Game of the Year 2020 finalists!

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These awards represent the consensus of the Siliconera staff. For more of the year’s award selections, check out our Game of the Year 2020 archive.

spider-man miles morales game of the year 2020

Winner: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Insomniac’s web-swinging follow-up brought style, visual flair and a fun world to explore to the PS5’s launch lineup. Miles’ signature powers are added to a reworked, polished combat system. Sharp writing and great voice work tell a more focused story. The more Miles Morales we see from Spider-Man, the more it feels like a modern, inspired franchise. This game’s no exception.

astros playroom game of the year 2020

Astro’s Playroom

Is it a tech demo? A little bit. Is it short? Sure. But we had a blast with Astro’s Playroom from start to finish. More than any other game in either console launch lineup, it felt fundamentally new and next-generation. It’s a nostalgia trip for longtime PlayStation fans, but even new players can appreciate the concentrated charm and polish.

demons souls game of the year 2020

Demon’s Souls

Players are more prepared to play and enjoy the exacting combat Demon’s Souls than ever. So Bluepoint didn’t really need to do that much! They did anyway, though, and the result is a game with environments and enemies with aesthetics to match the grandeur of the original From Software design. It’s a showpiece for the hardware when you want one of those the most, and it still packs the tried-and-true Souls gameplay balance.

What’s your PS5 Game of the Year 2020? Share your thoughts (and check out recommendations from our staff and community) on our forums.

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