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The Silver Case Trailer Introduces Five Investigators


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To prepare people for Grasshopper Manufacture’s The Silver Case on PlayStation 4s, NIS America has released information on the five main heroes. As we play, we’ll follow Sumio Kodai, a member of the 24 Wards Police Department’s Heinous Crimes Unit and serious man from Mikumo. He doesn’t care about making a big name for himself and is instead about the job. His veteran partner, Tetsugoro Kusabi, worked on the Silver Case 20 years ago and caught “Original Kamui” Uehara Kamui. He was moved to the Security Department as a reward, but joined the Heinous Crimes Unit when it was formed.


Sumio and Tetsugoro are joined by three other people. Kiyoshi Morikawa worked with Tetsugoro as a regional unit who has also been with the HCU since it was founded. He’s all about acquiring firsthand information for people, and is very capable and calm. Chizuru Hachisuka is Kiyoshi’s partner and wants to move up in the department. Her main focus is in crime investigation, and she’s great about collecting important data. Morichika Nakategawa is the unit’s lone wolf. A former public sector employee, he has plenty of contacts and uses them to aid Sumio and Tetsugoro.


NIS America has also released a new The Silver Case trailer designed to help familiarize people with the adventure game’s cast. It goes over the five main heroes, so you’ll be able to recognize them while playing the game.



The Silver Case will come to North American PlayStation 4s on April 18, 2017. It will arrive in Europe a few days later on April 21, 2017. It is immediately available on Windows PCs.

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