Silver Grapple Will Have Players Swinging And Grappling Through Tricky Environments


After taking a tumble down into a huge underground lab, players will need to use their grappling hook, some physics know-how, and sharp reflexes to swing their way through the trap-lined environments to get back out again in Silver Grapple.


Silver Grapple eleven unwelcoming areas of the lab, taking players through offices, excavation sites, and into the depths of the facility, many of which are in states of disrepair. This means that the only feasible way to get through is by swinging over debris and malfunctioning mechanisms, using a grappling hook to grab onto the roof and hurtle over whatever hazard is in the way.

Swinging won’t be as easy as hopping over a gap, though. Each area is filled with huge pits with very little to cling to, so players will need to work on building up momentum through multiple swings, using this speed to rush forward or flip upward, executing some tricky maneuvers to stay safe. They will also be able to slip along the surface of water if moving fast enough, as well as unlock new powers that will add onto their useful swinging skills.


The truly skilled will be able to grapple to out-of-the-way spots to find notes and characters who can tell the player more about the game’s story, informing them about the lab’s true purpose.

Silver Grapple is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!