A Simple Wound Can Bring Life-Threatening Sickness In This Challenging Sidescroller



To show their faith to their God, the people of Dark Devotion, a difficult sidescrolling action game on Greenlight, must attempt to overcome a vile temple filled with powerful monsters, sickness, and death.


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Players will act as a lone woman, one of the few Templars who dared to tackle the temple alone. She has been trained since childhood to fight, stolen from her parents to show her devotion through combat. It will be up to the player to see that she survives this challenge, using an array of weapons to cut down enemies and shields to keep her safe from their attacks.


Her devotion is not just some story element, but instead a means to open chests and doors. By killing enemies, she can raise her devotion, allowing her to proceed or find new tools to keep her alive. 


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Survival will be about more than gear. Enemies are aggressive in Dark Devotion, chewing careless players apart. Even if the player succeeds in killing them, tiny wounds can soon cause much more damaging effects if lefts unhealed, and damaged gear can break at inopportune times. Adding this onto the fact that the temple path changes with each playthrough makes for some difficult, harrowing journeys to prove your faith.


Dark Devotion is expected to release in early 2018.

Alistair Wong
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