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Sin & Punishment Isn’t On Nintendo 3DS, But Iron Combat Might Help Fill That Gap



Remember Phosphorescent Lanze? Probably not. That’s okay—the last time we heard about it was in 2013 when it was released on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS in Japan. That same year, developer AMZY said to Siliconera that they didn’t have any plans to localize the game at the time, but as of this morning, a localization has been confirmed, which is great because the game has always looked very interesting.


Teyon will be publishing Phosphorescent Lanze in North America and Europe under the title Iron Combat: War in the Air. As the extremely descriptive title suggests, this is an air combat game—one where you play as a female mecha that can transform between mech and aircraft forms. Victories will earn you credits that you can spend on new weapons and upgrades for your mech. There’s a story in there, too.


In aircraft form, your mech will move at high speeds, which is helpful when covering large distances. You can also fire lock-on missiles that can hit multiple targets. The downside of this form is that you have a wide turning radius and targeting enemies requires some work. Meanwhile, the mech form makes it easier to target enemies, but isn’t suited for travelling long distances or engaging multiple enemies at once.


Iron Combat will be released on March 19th in North America for $6.99. A European release of the game will follow “soon”.


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