SINoALICE NieR Replicant Rerun Will Tell Devola and Popola’s Story

NieR Replicant Devola Popola in SINoALICE

The latest Weekly Famitsu magazine issue has an 18 page-long coverage celebrating SINoALICE‘s 4th anniversary. It includes an interview with Yoko Taro regarding the NieR Replicant collaboration rerun in SINoALICE. The upcoming rerun will add a new story and job. [Thanks, Ryokutya.]

Here are some of the highlights from the interview with Yoko Taro:

  • “The new story will tell the tales of Devola and Popola shortly after NieR Replicant.”
  • “It is being produced by Pocket Laboratory’s scenario team. I have already retired, so I’m living with a sincere pledge to not write any text at all.”
  • “Snow has good sales, so I will (redacted) Snow immediately in the main scenario. I will (redacted) characters based on their popularity order.”
  • “The 4 years of receiving support from fans had been really fun. I want to have it disappear while it’s still fun, so let’s end it quickly. Also, Monster Hunter is interesting.”

SINoALICE is immediately available on Android and iOS devices worldwide. It is also available on PC in Japan through the DMM Games platform. The upcoming SINoALICE collaboration will be based on NieR Replicant, which recently released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The global release of SINoALICE has also added content from anime franchises outside of the NieR series and Square Enix titles, such as Re:Zero and Rozen Maiden.

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