SINoALICE’s Red Riding Hood Breaker and Pinocchio Minstrel Appear

SINoALICE Pinocchio Minstrel Red Riding Hood Breaker

SINoALICE has added Red Riding Hood Breaker and Pinocchio Minstrel with the latest Grimoire summon. For a limited time, these two class variants will be available to summon at a higher rate. As usual and in addition to this, select SR weapons will also be available at a higher rate. This banner will be available until September 24, 2020.

Unlike the recently added Red Riding Hood Minstrel, the Breaker variant of this fairy tale character will only be available through the Grimoire summons. Red Riding Hood Breaker will be obtained once the player receives the SR weapon the Wheel of Brutality. Pinocchio Minstrel will be obtained once you obtain the Flute of Dependence.

The SR weapons that will appear at the higher rate are not only the ones listed above, but also the Mechanical Spear, Mechanical Whale, and the Mechanical Hammer.

Red Riding Hood Breaker and Pinocchio Minstrel aren’t the only classes that have been recently added to SINoALICE. Red Riding Hood has received a Minstrel variant and can be obtained for free through the Blood-Stained Tome event. Players will only need to get through the first five event quests in order to receive her. (She’s the reward for completing the fifth.) Additionally, Invader Princess Kaguya and Three Little Pigs are on the way.

SINoALICE Global is available on iOS and Android devices.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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