SINoALICE Sleeping Beauty Breaker Appears in Wheel of Fate Grimoire

Sleeping Beauty Breaker SINoALICE

Sleeping Beauty Breaker is the latest addition to SINoALICE. This new class variant for Sleeping Beauty is obtainable through the Wheel of Fate Grimoire. Unlike previous 5-Step Summon Grimoires, players will need to test their luck in order to unlock this variant. The Wheel of Fate Grimoire will be available until October 15, 2020.

Alongside the addition of Sleeping Beauty Breaker to SINoALICE, new L weapons have been added with the inclusion of this banner. This includes the Beggar’s Secrets. SR weapons that have been added are Blue Poppy Nightmare, Halberd of Revenge, Staff of Retrogression, Golden Bow, and Cursed Ghost Song.

The Space Invaders x SINoALICE collaboration event is still on-going as well. For a limited time players will be able to obtain Three Little Pigs and Princess Kaguya Invader through the collaboration.

Other characters added to SINoALICE outside of Sleeping Beauty Breaker include Dorothy Gunner. Dorothy Gunner is obtainable through a 5 Step Summon Grimoire. This means that she will be a guaranteed summon when spending enough Twilight Gems on the banner. A story update has accompanied the addition of Dorothy, players will now be able to play through another chapter in the Act of Hatred.

SINoALICE Global is available on iOS and Android.

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